Renewal of support from Seven BridgesΒΆ

I am happy to announce that Seven Bridges has renewed their support of my work as the Community Engineer for the Common Workflow Language project through the end of March 2017. Additionally, I am no longer working for the University of California, Davis but am now an independent researcher. Big thanks go to my now-previous boss, C. Titus Brown, for an incredible, life-changing three years as a Research Software Enginner first at Michigan State University and then at the University of California, Davis.

While it wasn’t my original plan to go “solo” it does allows the money to stretch further. It also simplifies life as I am a “trailing” spouse for at least another year (next stop: back to Romania in August!) My husband and I are very excited about, and only slightly horrified at, not knowing which continent we will be based out of in 2017 :-)