Weekly report for the week of 2015-10-26

This is the second weekly update on what I’ve been doing for the CWL; it covers the week of 2015-10-26.

Summary: logistics, Code of Conduct draft public,

Sunday 2015-10-25

  • Reserved rental car for Davis/San Mateo/Santa Clara legs
  • Requested hotel reservation information for Austin leg
  • Booked AirBNB room for Boston leg
  • Schedule first check-in meeting with Brandi
  • Confirmed dates for a colleague of a colleague to stay in my Davis apartment

Monday 2015-10-26

  • Read through every GitHub issue from non-core team people, adding responses and labels as I went
  • Finished my NSF funding opportunities education for now; subscribed to learn about future opportunities
  • Sent out reminder about CWL video meeting & daylight savings mismatch between Europe and US
  • Fixed typo in GitHub repository as reported by Chris Fields
  • Wrote up notes from last week and sent them out

Tuesday 2015-10-27

Wednesday 2015-10-28

  • Bi-weekly meeting with Brand Davis-Dusenbery
  • Lawyers advised that non-profits seeking 501(3)c status involving free/open-source software and whose donors are on the board have had many troubles getting approved due to lack of separation. I agreed to chat with both NumFOCUS & the Software Freedom Conservatory about fiscal sponsorship.
  • Brandi agreed to be the escalation contact for potential (though not expected) CoC violations by Nebojša.
  • Scheduled meeting at SBG prior to conversation at the Broad about their Workflow Description Language on Nov 13th.
  • I enquired about recording/broadcasting the Festival of Genomics workshop; Brandi will followup.

Thursday 2015-10-29

  • Travel day: CLJ-OTP-AMS-MSP-SMF
  • Voiced my support for keeping a ‘–dry-run’ option to cwltool

Friday 2015-10-30

Saturday 2015-11-01

  • Whoops, sublet for my apartment fell through. Gave away most everything I could and moved my things to storage.