Introducing the CWL advisors

Recently I created a private mailing list for discussion of sensitive matters relating to the CWL project. Only topics not appropriate for the public mailing list are discussed here, otherwise some other public medium should be used. So far only one topic has been discussed: options for my post-UC Davis employment.

The initial members of the CWL advisors group are, in alphabetical order:

  • Peter Amstutz, Curoverse Inc. / Arvados
  • John Chilton, Pennsylvania State University / Galaxy Project
  • Michael Crusoe, Common Workflow Language
  • Brandi Davis Dusenbery, Seven Bridges
  • Carole Goble, The University of Manchester / Taverna / / Wf4ever et cetera
  • Oliver Hofmann, University of Melbourne / bcbio-nextgen
  • Gaurav Kaushik, Seven Bridges
  • Hervé Ménager, Institut Pasteur
  • James Taylor, Johns Hopkins University / Galaxy Project
  • Nebojša Tijanić, Seven Bridges
  • Ward Vandewege, Curoverse Inc. / Arvados
  • Alexander Wait Zaranek, Curoverse Inc. / Arvados