Weekly report for the week of 2015-10-19

Hello! Here is the first weekly update on what I’ve been doing for the CWL covering the week of 2015-10-19, and a couple days before.

Summary: settling in and getting ready for the Festival of Genomics Workshop on November 3rd.

Thursday 2015-10-15

  • Announcement of SBG Gift on Twitter & this blog. Tagged the wrong vet med school in my tweet; whoops!
  • Reviewed BD2K hackathon funding opportunity, decided to skip it for the November CWL codefest; will reconsider for future workshops that have the required diversity plan.
  • Renewed my membership at Cluj Cowork, where I do my work.

Friday 2015-10-16

  • Figured out how to use the UC Davis library to view paywalled articles when one is not on their network.
  • Short work day due to travel logistics.

Monday 2015-10-19

Tuesday 2015-10-20

  • Reviewed the available Code of Conduct templates and adapted one for CWL use. This Code of Conduct draft I sent for review by the leadership team. Initially I went with the Django version, but it was too unwieldy for a group our size. I received good feedback and will send out a revision next week.
  • Got flights to visit TACC & Broad Institute sorted
  • Noticed that we weren’t tagging the cwltool PyPI releases on the GitHub repo; wrote-up issue.
  • Found and fixed a problem that prevented the installation of the SALAD from the GitHub repo (as opposed to using PyPI).

Wednesday 2015-10-21

  • Individual membership in GA4GH approved, spent time trying to understand its structure and how to interact with them. Sent feedback to GA4GH about issues with the signup process (password validation & broken links).
  • promoted workshop & codefest on Twitter.
  • followed up on blog feed issue: https://github.com/rtfd/readthedocs.org/issues/1771#issuecomment-149875488
  • Put in request for video camera & microphone for the CWL codefest
  • Caught up on CWL and other email backlog
  • Reviewed NIH BD2K funding opportunities

Thursday 2015-10-22

Friday 2015-10-23

  • NSF funding opportunities review
  • More back and forth on the blog feed issue; finally it got fixed!
  • Update on my application for the Stripe Open Source Retreat 2016: I was not selected for further review.

Saturday 2015-10-24

  • Polished my notes from the week into this blogpost.

To do

  • Get Andrey Kartashov’s recently contributed workflows running for myself.
  • Familiarize myself with vagrant to setup Jenkins CI server to test CWL conformance
  • Refresh my backstory of the CWL slides for the Festival of Genomics workshop.
  • Sketch out more technical slides for TACC/Agave presentation the week after.
  • Work with Hervé Ménager to organize a CWL related workshop/codefest in Paris during the Spring.
  • Start the sustainability review.
  • Start an ontological comparison between the semantics of CWL tool and workflow descriptions and the other known efforts.
  • Follow up on Code of Conduct
  • Follow up with the Software Freedom Conservancy and NumFOCUS.